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BPI Recycled Products have a reputation as the leader in the field of polyethylene recycling.

As the largest recycler in Europe, they offer the ability to reprocess in excess of 95,000 tonnes each year of post-use material from commercial, retail, industrial and agricultural markets across our Environment Agency Accredited Sites. BPI has invested significantly in the recycling of waste polythene and particularly in the washing and recycling of farm films such as bale wrap and crop cover that would otherwise go into landfill or be burnt. This farm film technology produces exceptionally strong film and a range of refuse sacks that out perform any others on the market. The Green Sack utilises this technology and has a carbon footprint 35% lower than any other refuse sack available in the UK market.

We source all our bin liners and sacks from BPI - all made from recycled materials - as well as disposable aprons and pedal / swing bin liners. 

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Learn all about BPI's manufacturing processes on their Youtube Channel

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