We offer our customers a free of charge consultancy-style service for all their catering product needs. If you’re starting a new food catering business and want advice from start to finish - from setting up your professional kitchen to displaying and serving your food, one of our highly experienced Area Managers can guide you through the process whilst offering advice on food health & safety.

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DayMark Systems believe that the best way to control food cost is to have a proper food-rotation system in place. Located in Bowling Green, Ohio, DayMark Safety Systems is the leader in personal, facility and food safety systems.

Founded in 1989, DayMark specialises in products that assist restaurants and other food service establishments in complying with Food Service Association and other food law compliance codes.

DayMark has been an innovator in the labelling industry since 1997 with the introduction of their Dissolve-A-Way™ labels. The next few years saw many advances, including: Dissolve-A-Way™ Tape, MoveMark™ Removable, SmartTemp and ReMark™ Repositionable labels. Our extensive line of labelling products ensures that we have just what you're looking for. DayMark carries a line of seven different adhesives, from Dissolve-A-Way™ to Freezable™.

DayMark supply us with their day dot labels, dissolvable labels, use-first labels, label guns, ink rollers, shelf tags, label dispensers and flood labelling starter kits.


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