We offer our customers a free of charge consultancy-style service for all their catering product needs. If you’re starting a new food catering business and want advice from start to finish - from setting up your professional kitchen to displaying and serving your food, one of our highly experienced Area Managers can guide you through the process whilst offering advice on food health & safety.

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Katrin brings wellbeing and functionality to public washrooms, industrial workplaces, hotels, schools, restaurants and healthcare environments. In other words, to situations when people are away from home. Away from home hygiene solutions face different kinds of challenges. The high volume of users as well as their varying needs reflect to product development. Katrin solutions are carefully designed, offering the right balance between environment, social responsibility and economics.

The Katrin products we stock include toilet rolls, professional wiping and cleaning towels, hand towels, compatible dispensers, supplementary accessories and handwash.

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