We offer our customers a free of charge consultancy-style service for all their catering product needs. If you’re starting a new food catering business and want advice from start to finish - from setting up your professional kitchen to displaying and serving your food, one of our highly experienced Area Managers can guide you through the process whilst offering advice on food health & safety.

Our Customers

Cafes & Bakeries

Bakeries predominantly use takeaway packaging for their breads, cakes and pastries where as cafes often use a mix of eat-in chinaware and takeaway packaging.

Takeaway Packaging - Cake boxes, cake cases, paper bags, carrier bags, takeaway food boxes, plastic salad containers, napkins, sugar sachets, wooden stirrers, plastic cutlery, hinged lid sandwich wedges, polystyrene food boxes, paper plates, clear plastic cups & lids, straws, disposable coffee cups & lids.

Kitchenware - Chopping boards, chefs knives, kitchen utensils, weighing scales, food temperature thermometers, commercial kitchen appliances, stainless steel pots & pans, food storage containers, food use-by labels, foil rolls, parchment paper & clingfilm rolls, tea towels, aprons.

Hygiene Solutions - Spray & wipe surface cleaners, centrefeed cleaning rolls, black refuse sacks, cloths & scourers, mops & buckets, brooms & dustpans, hand soaps.

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