We offer our customers a free of charge consultancy-style service for all their catering product needs. If you’re starting a new food catering business and want advice from start to finish - from setting up your professional kitchen to displaying and serving your food, one of our highly experienced Area Managers can guide you through the process whilst offering advice on food health & safety.

Our Customers

Stadiums & Race Courses

Stadiums and race courses will usually have catering facilities for their on site restaurants and bars as well as takeaway grab-and-go food outlets within the grounds. With toilet facilities and large public areas, a wide range of cleaning products is also required.

Cleaning & Hygiene - Floor cleaners, spray & wipe surface cleaners, washroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, jumbo toilet rolls, hand towels, wall dispensers, centrefeed cleaning rolls, black refuse sacks, clear sacks, cloths & scourers, mops & buckets, brooms & dustpans, wet floor signs, hand soaps.

Kitchenware - Chopping boards, kitchen utensils, weighing scales, food temperature thermometers, commercial kitchen appliances, stainless steel pots & pans, food storage containers, food use-by labels, foil rolls, parchment paper, clingfilm rolls.

Chinaware - China or porcelain dinner plates, side plates, bowls, tea & coffee cups, teapots, jugs, oven-to-tableware oven dishes, serving dishes, butter pads, sugar bowls, salt & pepper shakers, ramekins.

Barware - cocktail napkins, stirrers, bar caddies, thimble measures, spirit measures, tongs, pourers, bottle openers, wine buckets, cocktail shakers, tip trays, bar mats, bar trays, waiter pads, wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, shot glasses, carafes & jugs.

Disposables - Polystyrene burger boxes, paper soft drink cups & straw slot lids, paper coffee cups & lids, takeaway card food boxes, clear smoothie cups & lids, straws, napkins, sugar sachets, wooden stirrers, plastic cutlery, takeaway sandwich wedges.

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