Duni Napkins 2016

Elegance Lily Napkin

Duni Elegance napkins perfectly capture the premium look and feel of linen with a superior quality to most paper napkins.

As a far more cost-effective option to linen, they don't need to be laundered, starched, bleached or stored for collection and are available in a range of bright colours.

- Heavyweight feel
- Compostable
- Intricate, stylish embossed design

Dunilin Napkin

Dunilin paper napkins are premium quality napkins
suitable for dinners, weddings and banquets.

These textured luxury napkins have excellent folding properties and can be colour co-ordinated with various other items in the extensive Duni tabletop product range, including tablecovers, banquet rolls, table
runners, placemats and candles.

- Impressive thickness
- Ideal for folding
- Soft inner surface

Towel Napkin

Duni’s Tactile Towel Napkins fit the trend for simple design that reconnects guests with the kitchen, inspired by ‘hot’ restaurants in New York and across Europe.


All-in-One Convenience. Smart Duniletto® combines a napkin and cutlery pocket. It not only enables you to save time setting tables; it also creates a talking point for guests and simplifies storage too.

Dunisoft Napkin

A treat to touch, colourful Dunisoft® napkins help to create a feast for all the senses. They are made with an innovative process that uses air instead of water. This ensures they combine lovely softness with impressive strength.

All Duni napkins are designed to create a feel-good mood. Reflecting this, all unicoloured napkins and many design napkins are compostable.


Save time setting up. The clever, hygienic design of Duni Sachetto® lets you free-up more time to spend on guests. The pocket is already filled with a napkin – you just have to add the cutlery. Once this is done it stays firmly in place, even in breezy areas.

Tissue Napkin

Ideal for everyday use. Tissue napkins come in a wide choice of individual colours to suit every mood, occasion and mealtime.

Dispenser Napkin

Practical and stylish. Our durable, stylish napkin dispensers enables you to avoid the hassle and expense of loose napkins. It is also easy to refill and matches the look of napkins. If you want to impress guests and keep high-traffic areas running smoothly, it’s a neat solution.