We offer our customers a free of charge consultancy-style service for all their catering product needs. If you’re starting a new food catering business and want advice from start to finish - from setting up your professional kitchen to displaying and serving your food, one of our highly experienced Area Managers can guide you through the process whilst offering advice on food health & safety.


Our customers have the option to add their own bespoke logo design on to takeaway packaging such as napkins, paper cups, takeaway paper bags and clear plastic glasses. By offering smaller minimum order quantities for independent businesses, we allow cafes, bars and restaurants to use the branding of their packaging to serve as an ideal way to advertise their food business.

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Should restaurants do more to entice vegetarian and vegan diners?


Should restaurants do more to entice vegetarian and vegan diners? That may be one of the questions raised by a recent article in Big Hospitality, suggesting restaurants need to offer a greater variety of dishes to this growing sector of diners.

The publication cites research done by Eating Better, a network of organisations who describe themselves as being a "broad alliance working together to help people move towards eating less meat and more food that’s better for us and the planet"

According to their research on the growing 'flexitarian' movement, they say 44% of British people surveyed by YouGov on their behalf already were or were planning to cut the meat consumption in their diet.

The alliance goes on to cite a range of examples backing up the trend of increasing numbers of businesses helping to propel this forward, including new supermarket products by Asda and vegetarian menus at chains such as Zizzi's.

Big Hospitality's article goes on to quote Eating Better's spokeswoman, who says businesses should not miss out on this valuable new opportunity. The rising number of vegetarians and vegans in the UK should be welcomed by food service businesses looking to innovate and become more environmentally conscious in the process.

Serving foodservice businesses in London and around the Home Counties for over 40 years, London Catering & Hygiene Solutions has a range of products to ensure your foodservice business is a success, including glassware, disposables, glassware and kitchenware.

May 2017
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