Villeroy & Boch 2016 Premium Porcelain Range


You can find details of Villeroy & Boch's premium bone porcelain ranges on these pages. For more information on pricing or choosing the right range for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Affinity is at home on every continent and in every kitchen. So in that respect, Affinity is the cosmopolitan of the tableware scene. But despite this cosmopolitanism, Affinity is also very down to earth.

The porcelain pieces form the ideal backdrop for regional specialties all around the world - be this in business hotels, in canteens or in trendy bars.


Amarah adds sensuous colours and distinctive artisan simplicity to modern catering.

It features a natural colour scheme with a brushstroke look and earthy structures that are reminiscent of the desert sun, plus porcelain designs with sculptural elegance that provide an enchanting contrast to the artisan style of the decor.

Artesano Professionale

Artesano is proof that things can be done differently. With more integrity. More purity. Closer to the true nature of things. Artesano gives a new expression to conscious enjoyment.

Clear shapes which provide both the frame and the space for expressive compositions that are sure to delight your guests.

Artesano Barista

Let Artesano enrich your senses and provide the perfect complement to moments filled with delightful flavours.

Optimised cup geometry to unlock aromas and help crema form splendidly.Creations which reflect the highest quality craftsmanship. A successful symbiosis of enjoyment and style.

Cup is rounded on the inside so you can create latte art with ease.


Bella feels as much at home in traditional hospitality surroundings as in the more ambitious cuisine. A versatile classic that provides accentuation everywhere.

The classically beautiful lattice relief gives all the Bella plates their expressive appeal.

Cera & Cera Glass

Cera has a sensuous appeal which makes it look both cool and excitingly attractive. Food loves it - and so will your guests.

Cera & Cera Glass Black

Cera Style is a statement of individuality and originality. Here you will discover natural lines, expressive forms, attractive design and a mix of porcelain and glass materials.

Corpo White

An all-rounder with a simple and appealing look - perfect for any occasion.

Corpo impresses catering professionals with its comprehensive range of pieces and the stunning decorated version of Corpo Blue.


Design of the purest kind - at the same time harmonious, experessive and sensuous. Discover the unconventional charm of this versatile shape.

The cool silhouette of a sand dune, shaped by the desert winds, was the inspiration for the design of Dune. All the items feature perfectly flowing and harmonious lines.

Easy Alea

The attractive and appealing mosaic decoration provides a fashionable contrast to the cool design.

Easy White

Coffee is a language spoken in most countries of the world. The professional tableware line Easy offers cafe solutions on a high yet functional level, for hotels, restaurants and coffe shops worldwide.

An attractive relief pattern on the one hand, diversity of shape and practicality on the other: Villeroy & Boch at its best.


Flow is at the forefront of the latest fashion with its flowing lines, unusual shapes and exciting detail.

Flow's creative diversity of shape and form is an inspiration to behold and provides generous scope for individual service concepts.

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