Product Award

Our Product Award scheme, which objectively scores an ever-increasing number of our products across four main categories. Each category is given a gold, silver, or bronze award, helping to make choosing the right product a painless process for our customers. These scores are intended as a visual indicator of a product's sustainability.

Because products are measured to the same standards, they can be directly compared against one another. The process supports sustainable decision-making and allows for discussion around ingredients, packaging, environmental impact etc.

The biggest issues we currently face are plastics, waste, hazardous chemicals, water, and responsible sourcing. We stock several chemical-free products within our range from suppliers such as 2Pure, BioHygiene, and the Cleanline ECO range, which use plant-based enzymes.

This enables you to select chemicals that pose a minimal threat to life on land and water whilst still being highly effective in use. Many of these products use completely organic or biodegradable ingredients, giving you peace of mind to clean sites safely without the risks of hazard classifications.

We also offer floor pads that completely remove the need to use chemicals in the cleaning process and can be used with just water. They are durable, have a long lifespan and require no change to your existing cleaning routine, ultimately reducing your waste.