Wrapmaster 2017 Ranges

The award winning Wrapmaster range of dispensers provide effortless dispensing of film, foil and baking parchment. Wrapmaster dispensers come in a variety of sizes to suit the professional kitchen, are hygienic, safe to use and dishwasher safe.

Wrapmaster has been trusted by professionals for over four decades. Speaking of the benefits, John, a Sous Chef says:

“I’ve been using the Wrapmaster products for years, they make everything faster and easier in a busy kitchen! When I joined Anglo American I asked my manager to switch from cardboard cutter boxes to the Wrapmaster dispenser. The fact that you can wash them, makes meeting health & safety – as well as hygiene rules – that much easier, so we have a few dotted around the kitchen.”


Why should you use a Wrapmaster Dispenser?

  • Easy to clean and sanitise.
  • Concealed blade for safe cutting.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Reduces wastage and increases productivity.
  • Easy to use and refill.
  • Delivers the perfect cut every time.
  • Trusted by professionals.


Keep your kitchen clean with Wrapmaster...

As well as a simple solution to wrapping food, Wrapmaster dispensers help to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic and can help to boost your hygiene scores:

  • Reduce the risk of cross contamination with separate static dispensers for different food uses.
  • Reduce the risk of cut fingers from cutter box serrated edges.
  • Reduce the risk of unseen bacteria build up on cardboard cutter boxes with an easily sanitised dispenser.